Company Background

Maglev Wind Turbine Technologies, Inc. was formed in 2007 for the purpose of researching and developing the next generation of vertical axis wind turbines using maglev technology. Several other entities were formed in 2009 to handle various aspects of manufacturing and production. Regenedyne LLC, originally formed for manufacturing, has now been restructured and includes all previous entities.

Multiple engineering teams and global maglev leaders have come together to develop the technology. Engineering teams from General Atomics and Advanced Aerohydro Corp. provided white papers confirming the theories of levitation and power production. The original technical team built the first aerodynamic prototype in 2010. Prototype testing ensued over 18 months proving the merits fo the aerodynamic design. Engineering results made during this process led groups from Everson Tesla Inc. and General Atomics, who are currently under contract with Regenedyne, to become partners. The partners will begin constructing the first maglev prototype, and production validation unit of 210 kW this year.


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