Deliver the most advanced and most efficient solutions worldwide for providing renewable and sustainable power generation.


Regenedyne was formed to develop and manufacture its Maglev Wind Turbine Technology, and to create commercially acceptable MAGLEV Wind Turbine products for a new generation of electrical power. Regenedyne is designing it's production validation unit and will create mass production products to customers interested in generating electric power through the use of a cost effective, extremely efficient, non-polluting renewable energy product.

Current Status

The Company has formed relationships around the world in an effort to execute fully its business plan.  The team is currently negotiating licensing and sales contracts with the appropriate parties in each jurisdiction and on each continent.  If you would like to be part of those discussions, please visit our Contact Us page and submit your inquiry and we will respond quickly.  We look forward to sharing more with those who have legitimate interest.

210 kW Class Wind Turbine